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What's up, Elton here!  So, do you want to know how to properly build your Facebook Profile starting from the top and working your way all the way down the the close?

No matter what anyone tells you..  your Personal Profile is an ASSET.  All you have to do is understand how to work it.   How would you like to grow your personal profile to 5,000 highly targeted friends and even add thousands of followers at the drop of a hat?  

Think of it like this...  Most people do not know how to target the right people and worse have no idea how to attract their ideal client.  You can have well over 10,000 people following you on your friends list.  That's really not huge task by any stretch of the imagination.  But just imagine if you are able to sell them each something each month for only $1..   

That highly targeted, yet engaged friends list can pay you $10,000 per month just by posting the right type of content.  Further, after they have bought from you before, whatever opportunity that you present to them next they will join you because you have gained their trust and loyalty.  Bam, you've created a loyal tribe of friends and followers!   

This download that I sent you in itself is worth $47..  I am giving it to you today for  FREE.  But what if you could step your game up to the next level?  And get the exact step by step Training to help you put all the pieces right into place and it's guaranteed to work as long as you do?   Then you can take same math we did earlier, and say you have 15,000 friends and followers..  And after you partner with me one the Secret Sauce of 7 Figure Earners and Have access to a High Ticket Offer..

You will be earning 10K, 20K, up to 50K+ per month!

Thats right 50K a month mark is not an unrealistic expectation!

As a marketer you need to have a PROFILE that is set up for success.  

If you are wanting to attract the right people to your business then you have to have a solid personal profile. 

Have you ever had broke people attracted to your profile.  Chances are you do not have your profile set up for success.

I give you step by step how to set up your profile to have the right people attracted to you business. 
How And What To Post
There's a good chance that you don't get this type of engagement off your posts yet..  

Not trying to brag here..  But honestly, some that do not get engagement like this say pfffft..  Why do I need engagement like that.  I just have to laugh them..  

You see engagement = trust.  Without Trust there is no opportunity for you to ever sell anything if you are in network marketing, online marketing or any type of make money from Facebook businesses..  

So I pull back  the curtain and show you how to post and what to post that produces real results!  

Otherwise if you are posting the wrong things at the wrong times you are quite literally wasting your precious time..  And worse you can be loosing your Audiences trust which leads to you NEVER Making a DIME from Facebook! 
There is a little unknown secret that will help you get these type of results from your post..  

However there are very few people who'd dare to share it.  

Why?  Because they're terrified of competition.  But where I differ is that I want to see you win.  I want to see others not be frustrated and end up quitting on their dreams.  

Notice these two posts..  Not only the reactions, but the comments are off the chain.  Plus  they're getting shared all over the place.  

Once you have the Engagement Hack in combination with the first two elements you will be well on your way..  but wait..  There is more...
LADIES and GENTS.. You have to have the right friends. lol  

Have you ever dealt with a host of tire kicking broke people?    

Or have to deal with endless rejection from your friends and family.  I mean good Lord.  Who wants to try to expand their business in the fashion.  

So I show you exactly who to target and exactly where to find them with very minimal effort..  

That way you are not spending your precious time talking to people that won't ever buy from you or not be able to afford to buy from you. 
Suppose you have a good friends list and have built your audience you still need to know what to do with them.  

If you want to be an utter failure then feel free to spam your link and never get a sign up.  Or blast it in your post or in messenger and get rejected like a high school freshman going after the Senior Prom Queen.. 

Regardless, here I show you how to navigate the transition from Facebook to Messenger.  

At this place you will earn your lead or sale and begin the follow up/nurture process.. 

Without this info.. you never get to the close!
If you are not using FB Lives for your Business You are leaving money on the TABLE!  

I may not be the best in the world but I am not too shabby.. 

I have an entire module dedicated to Facebook lives that will encourage you to experience a breakthrough in your business and life.  

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In this module you get some goodies!  


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