Refund Policy

All Top Marketer LLC Products, digital products and or our services, coaching and consulting, have a strict 24 hour refund policy.  Our digital products are pieces of training which are housed in the Membership site.  When an order is placed a Member receives access to this information within a few minutes.  Due to the accessibility of our product available immediately upon purchase.

A successful checkout is considered that you know, agree upon and understand that we offer a strict 24 hour money back guarantee, should you not be satisfied with any of our products or training materials provided for any and all Top Marketer LLC Products, which begins on the date and time of purchase.

If you wish to proceed with a refund it MUST be within the first 24 hour timeframe of your Top Marketer LLC Membership Payment.

If you proceed with a purchase, you are indeed acknowledging that you agree to the Refund Policy and will NOT instigate a credit/debit card charge back or dispute any payment, after the 24 hour refund period has passed.

If you do not accept this Refund Policy and its terms then please do not proceed with your payment or purchase. If you do request a refund within the refund period please contact us through within the 24 hours so we may promptly process your refund.

If you proceed with a product purchase from this website or any of our checkout pages, shopping carts or payment processors, you are indeed agreeing and accepting this refund policy.

We will actively pursue through legal means any member, customer or affiliate that breaches the conditions above as you are indeed agreeing to the refund terms before paying for your product.

If you understand the refund policy and the consequences of breaking these conditions please make your payment with either credit/debit card.

We’re here to help!

The Top Marketer LLC is fully committed to the highest standards of customer care.  Refund requests can be through writing us an email at the subject line of the email “cancel my membership and issue refund.”  We will receive the request and investigate the request and it will be processed in conjunction with our refund policy.

Any other General Inquiries may be made to us at